13 April 2011

apa aku buat sepanjang minggu ini.

im an eating machine for this week.
pissed off with my behaviour modification.
i bought 3 vintage bags, different day,different place.
i used to buy 3 shawl hijabs as a `promise` to my sista
3 test were done, anyway a bit tired because another 3 test not done yet.fuhhhh.
i really dont know how many times do i repeat `the lazy song` by bruno mars.
and since my mood are pretty much destroyed after facing the stupid mistakes,
this song really support my mood.oh!
phewww, i wanna buy some skincare.i never used moisturiser or toner.
never apply.but by going outside from UiTM, is waisting my precious time.
i want a good sleep.
i want some chessy food.
i want chocolate.
i want a killer advice from my friend,so oh yeah i can spontaneously save in my mint.
fuhhhh, a really tough week ya.